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Fondant orange cake 🍊 

Butter cream 

Butter 200g 

Vanilla essence 1 tablespoon 

Dry milk as required 

Icing sugar 400g 

Orange food color 

Beat butter at slow speed. Butter should b at room temperature the slowly add icing sugar and keep beating 

Add vanilla essence and dry nilk and when you reached at required consistency stop it. 


Icing sugar 600g 

Gelatin 1tablespoon  

Pure glycerin 1 tablespoon 

Liquid glouse 3 tablespoon 

Corn flour as required 

Butter 2 tablespoon 

In abowl put all ingredients except icing sugar and gelation. Soak galetin in a bowl with water and heat it after 5 min.  

Then put it in a bowl and start adding icing sugar slowly and knead a dough.


 Eggs 4 

Sugar 1cup 

Flour 1.5 cup 

Oil 1 cup. 

B. P 1 tablespoon 

Milk as required  

Orange juice 1 tablespoon 

Orange zest 3 table spoon 

Beat eggs  and sugar then add oil slowly and orange juice and orange zest  beat 5 min then add dry ingredients and mix with spatula and add milk as required.  Put in a greased pan and bake for 35 to 40 min


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